Jumbo Bracelet Pack | Elastic 5 Pack
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Jumbo Bracelet Pack | Elastic 5 Pack

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Why have a plain rubber bracelet when you can have a stretchy fabric one?

5 Colors: 

🧼 Mint Green

🍊 Citrus Orange

💜 Lavender 

🍑 Peach

🌃 Midnight Blue

Show your support for mental health awareness and the effect the Christian community can have on letting the ones struggling with mental health know they aren’t alone in their struggles. This is a simple, trendy, yet effective way to start a conversation. The bright colors of the light blue and green bracelet with its unique, high-quality style will start those crucial conversations

Bracelet is reversible and says “Psalm 46:10” on the other side.

Bracelets made out of a stretchy elastic polyester/fabric blend. The blend is a quick-drying material. Includes a patch with our round “46 Ten” logo featured in white.

Bracelets are 7 3/4 inches in length.

Sizing: stretchy to fit all wrist sizes!